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Don't be weighted down by the process.

Let us introduce you to your home by educating you on the
systems and helping you make an informed decision.

We provide professional Home Inspection Services to the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana Area.  All of our members are licensed home inspectors.  Some maintain a license is both Indiana and Kentucky.  We have all earned the highest certification available in the home inspection industry and look forward to helping you make an informed decision.

Many people have not idea how to make sure they are hiring a qualified    home inspector.  Check out our members page!

There are a couple ways that you can be secure with payday advance: My Secure Payday in your decision: The ASHI certification is one way to know that you are hiring a person with experience.  An inspector can not be certified ASHI unless they have completed at least 250 paid inspections.  There are many systems in the home that are not dated and the only way an inspector can accuratly assess those systems, is to have an experienced opinion.  Your inspection is only as good as your inspector.  Make sure you are armed with as many facts as you can gather about the home, so you are making an informed decision. 
Remember: You get what you pay for and a cheap inspection could very well cost you later after the house is already yours.