Pre-listing home inspection

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Will a potential buyer produce an inspection report that reveals a problem you were not even aware of that could negatively affect a pending sale?  The market is too tight to loose your buyer at that point. 

When making an offer on your home, wise buyers nowadays include a Home Inspection as one of the conditions. So in all likelihood, an inspector working for the buyer will be searching your home for "defects".

These "defects" are then used by the buyer and his agent as a negotiating tool to force you to accept a lower offer or bear the cost of repairs. The longer the list of problems, the more the buyer has to negotiate.

Being prepared in advance with a detailed inspection report from a professional home inspector will give you a big advantage in these negotiations.

  • You have the option of making repairs to minor components before they become an issue for the buyer. Reducing the list of complaints puts you in a better position at a minimal cost.
  • If costly repairs are needed, you can obtain reasonable cost estimates in advance from contractors of your choice, rather than merely accepting a buyer's projection of costs.
  • By acknowledging the need for repairs in advance, you have let the buyer know that the selling price has already taken these conditions into account.

There is more. What if a potentially dangerous safety or health issue exists in your home? Have you inspected your attic or crawlspace for unsafe or unhealthy conditions that could effect your family?

Be informed before you list, inform the buyers before they discover the issues themselves, work out an amicable solution to the issues, and walk away with confidence. The Pre-listing Home Inspection Report makes this possible