Why May You Face Problems with the Front Door Lock?

How to open the door if it is jammed? If someone from the household simply forgot the keys and no one is at home, you can use the tools at hand and open the front door without damage. If, after all, you have a problem with the lock itself, the first thing to do is to find out the cause of the breakdown - there may be several options. Remember that it doesn't matter what has caused the problem, you can always use the emergency locksmith in Belfast.

Most Common Door Design Errors

The most frequent causes of door sticking are a lock breakage, poor quality shed, or moisture in the wood from which the door is made. Consider the basic errors in the installation, which will lead to problems with the opening:

  • the number of loops is not enough to hold the weight of the canvas;
  • loops do not sit in their grooves, are not on the same axis - this is exactly what leads to problems when opening;
  • the seal is not from high-quality rubber, but from self-bonding can lead to stalling;
  • hinges crush, and the door closes hard. To prevent this from happening, during installation you need to make a gap between the box and the canvas.

If the canvas is hung correctly, then when closing it concerns only the seal, but not the box. To check this, you need to insert a piece of paper between the box and the canvas - it should be free to go around the perimeter. Otherwise, the door will wedge, difficult to open.

Another problem is that the horizontal position and verticality are not observed when installing the box. Subsequently, the design moves out and opens poorly. It may be that the upper element of the box is shorter than necessary (incorrect measurements), and with the slightest change in temperature and humidity the door will not open.

Technical Problems: Canvas, Box, and Other Nuances

Immediately have a look - if you have a wooden door (steel door with elements of wood), they can even absorb moisture from the air. As a result, the wooden parts swell and the door does not open. To remedy the situation, you can turn on the heater, the fan, so that the air warms up faster and the wood is dry. Of course, this option will endure only interior partitions - with the input will have to wait.

Due to shrinkage or damage to the hinges, the door can skew, and it starts to jam - this is true for both interior and entrance boxes. The most common cause is the installation of weak hinges or improper installation of the door closers, which leads to misalignment, sagging of the canvas.

In this case, pick up a metal or wooden wedge - as such a chisel, a screwdriver, another tool. It is driven in in the place where the door touches the box. In the iron door at the entrance, the wedge must be durable, since this design is very heavy.

If you are sure that the lock is still jammed, then first take a syringe or lubricator and pour the engine oil or kerosene inside the lock (a few drops) and turn the key. After all, such mechanisms can jam, they are metal and also need periodic lubrication. The best way to open the door is to call experts who will help you to deal with the broken door lock and install a new one, if necessary.